Saturday, March 21, 2009

successful growth of indian spinach without soil

Indian spinach(basella alba, basale soppu, valchi bhajji) grown without soil on roof top using simplified hydroponics by Pritham 'metal farmer' D'Souza

in continuation of my earlier post on indian spinach, i am continuing the series of growth events below chronologically

the photo above was taken on taken on feb 11, 2009 the day i first transplanted basale soppu or indian spinach.

the above 4 photos show the development of shoots slowly appearing from the buds.

the above photo taken 14 days after transplanting clearly shows the appearance of new shoots & branching. photo taken on feb 25, 2009

the fading of green was my mistake as i had initially given light dose of nutrients. once i gave nutrients in full strength, visible lush green appearance was seen in 2 days time as seen below.
the above 2 photos show the shoot and lateral branching and excellent growth of indian spinach.

photo taken on march 13th 2009.

all photos and data by Pritham Dsouza. to view photo in original size, click on photo to enlarge


  1. What are the contents of the nutrient water you use in your hydroponics system?

  2. I commend you on all your efforts in farming. It is refreshing to see how well documented your step-by-step processes are; an inspiration for all farmers who are struggling with keeping their heads above the water in today's world.Keep up your great work.