Property Description

1.Fully developed property bought in 1980, took over a decade to clear the forest areas and bushy foliage and level the hillocks, with over 150 workers and 2 earth movers working in shifts for.
2.The property is one of its kind in coastal karnataka with scenic orientation and looks like a green carpet spread over the valley and hillocks uniformly
3.the property looks like a green bowl surrounded by plantation and a deep valley. The enchanting beauty of this property has to be seen . it is impossible to think of such a layout.
4.The property has approx 4000 coconut trees, 16,000 arecanut trees and over 300 fruit bearing trees like jack fruit, mango, sapota, guava, lemons etc
5.the property has fully motor able roads partly asphalted (till the office area)

Main attractions of the property
  • the last few years have seen scores of people, tourists, institutes, celebrities all visiting the farm through word of mouth since this was nominated for best judged farm in Mangalore region
  • the scenic beauty and infrastructure has attracted even film producers and personalities but we had not shown interest in this matter
  • the cool breeze throughout the day & cooler temperatures at night make this a ideal getaway
  • the bungalow situated on a hill , gives the viewer a birds eye view of the entire property
  • the property doesnt come under SEZ or green zone area and is free from MUDA encroachments

Property best suited for
  • Naturopathy: nature care, with minimum investment utilizing the available resources
  • Farm Stay: cottages and shacks can be made using present infrastructure
  • Resorts and Hotels: 5 star accommodation with over 80 acres greenary
  • Executive class villas and bungalows: for pollution free, luxury living