Saturday, March 21, 2009

grow orka ladies finger in flower pots without soil using simplified hydroponics

grow orka ladies finger in flower pots without soil using simplified hydroponics by Pritham 'metal farmer' D'Souza

the above photo shows okra plants and cowpea plants grown together in the same grow tub. i have exceeded the normal time for usual transplanting in case of okra. in the field, okra plants are transplanted when 3 leaf stage is seen, wneh the plant attains a min height of about 6 inches.
here i have gone against the norm & transplanted when the plants are over 10 inches long.

an individual plant gently scooped up after light watering of the tub to loosen the substrate.

the above 3 pics shows the thick root network of the plant.

i also transplanted the plants in the afternoon when the intensity of sunlight is maximum. the substrate was well drenched with nutrient water till it reaches saturation point.

the drooping leaves was because of the intense heat. it did not kill the plants, but i had to not provide partial shade if i wanted the plants to improve which i did in the photo below. the plants were transplanted on march 4, 2009

the above photo shows how the plants have started to grow and look a lot more healthier after providing shade net. the above photo was taken on march 13 2009.

okra has grown successfully in flower pots without soil.

all photos and data by pritham dsouza. to view photo in original size, click on photo to enlarge


  1. were to buy nutrient solution for hydroponic

  2. hi thanks for checking my blog...for nutrients i suggest u contact my mentors "C V Prakash Cdr (Retd)" and "Sangeeta Bojappa" ,

  3. Hi,

    In the pic below the contaciner there is a blue color hose nozzle is connected.
    Could you please tell how much that cost there

  4. thanks for checking my blog... the blue color nozzle is also called drain pipe or nipple... and it comes in a set of 10 to 15. cost around 100 bucks or cheaper if u buy from wholesale shop...