Thursday, September 23, 2010

Flight T bait trap Container

Flight T bait trap Container by Pritham D'Souza Metal Farmer

From Flight T bait trap by PCI

The flight T bait trap container introduced by PCI is a strong and durable container
I have already used this successfully in controlling Daucus dorsalis pest attacking my cucurbit crops.
From Flight T bait trap by PCI

  • what you see here is a large number of dorsalis flies that were caught in 2 days
From Flight T bait trap by PCI

From Flight T bait trap by PCI

  • the trapped dead flies are discarded and collecting vessel washed thoroughly
  • detergent water is added along with water in the collecting tray
From Flight T bait trap by PCI

  • the bait is then placed in the container and the top closed using the cover
  • it is then suspended using its hook either under a trellis or close by to the crop
  • as you can see, the bottom is open in the middle which allows the insects to fly into the container.
From Flight T bait trap by PCI

  • once the insect gets intoxicated by the pheromone trap and falls into the collecting tray filled with detergent water, it dies due to drowning
  • hundreds of flies are caught this way and the entire operation is repeated at intervals of 7 to 10 days, denending on the pest incedence.
  • detergent water is preferred over normal water, as normal water can breed mosquitoes.

if you are interested in purchasing these bait traps you can contact Mr. Ranjan Shagrithaya on his mobile @ 9448485353 and email him at

all images and data by Pritham 'metalfarmer' D'Souza

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  1. Hey pittu, Try this, I know it works for domestic flies. Buy a zip lock bag, yup the same kind that is used for sandwiches, but buy original zip lock as it has a different texture than 'glad' or other brands, fill half with water, drop a couple of coins into it seal it, pierce a thread/twine into the top section to hang it and then hang it in the infested area so it dangles, rotates in the breeze.
    Apparently the sunlight (any light) that passes thru the water, and then thru the textured surface of the bag, manipulates the light in such a way that the flies having a very superior, eyesight gets blinded. so it stays away from the area. If it works it should be a natural (eco friendly) solution. Only down side is after some stress the plastic tears off the string and falls. Try it and let me know if it works.