Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ladies Finger Okra Grown in Pits

Ladies Finger Okra Grown in Pits

the video shows flowering and fruiting stage of Ladies Finger (Okra, Bhindi) grown in pits and not in rows which is the traditional method followed.

Some salient features in this method
  • size of pit is fixed and uniformity is maintained, pit size followed here is 2 feet X 1 feet
  • only 2 plants are allowed per pit, the rest are removed by thinning out, hence plant density is also maintained
  • each pit requires the same amount of water, hence flooding and over watering is not required, saving precious water
  • The plant gets more than sufficient space, with plenty of room between pits and hence no plant suffers from want of light and nutrients

Video and Data by Pritham D'Souza

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