Sunday, February 1, 2009

Build your own Grow Bed using available resources by Pritham'Death metal' Dsouza

A step by step pictorial guide to building your very own Grow Bed used in Hydroponics by Heavy Metal Maniac Pritham Dsouza

Since i live in a farm, i decided to make use of the natural resources that lie waste in our farm. so we decided to make our very own, grow bed using wood from Arecanut(Areca catechu) palm tree. The above pic shows Narayana selecting strong & healthy trunks of the areca palm tree

The above 3 pics shows how all sharp edges are removed by sickle & saw blade, to give a very smooth finish.
after measuring the required size, the trunk is cut accordingly as shown above

the wood is then placed on the ground & the outer frame is worked on as shown above

framing work completed

the bottom of the grow bed is completed above

next, the long pieces of wood are used as legs of the grow bed as shows in the figure above

it must be noted that the legs should be of equal size or it will result in tilting or uneven balance of the grow bed.
next 2 support strips are nailed across the legs of the table on both sides as shown. since the areca wood is thin, we wanted to give the legs extra strength to be able to carry the weight of the substrate and the growing plants

most important. since the wood used is thin, there are chances that the nails go right thru the wood & protrude from the other side. such nails are then bent using a hammer, or it could seriously cause injury to self

Narayana checking for protruding nails & correcting them

Arecanut body based simple grow bed done. time taken to make by single person, 54 minutes

next, a double layer of black poly sheet is used, as this acts as the base for the growing plants and substrate.
a drain hole is drilled 1 inch from the base of the bed and tank joint placed as shown. then it is trial tested for any leaks etc.

my dog 'hitler' wonders if the grow bed could also act as a private pool if made leak proof

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  1. Interesting creativity.

    But my dear, what's the final objective in your mind?

    Do you personally think as one among the target group who will be benefited by hydroponics?

    If yes, why & how?

    Anyway, like your Hitler, we will wait and watch, with altogether different set of questions!

    - Shree Padre