Monday, August 25, 2008


Low quality video of Chilly crop (Capsicum annum ) click play to watch

Photos and content by Pritham 'Heavy metal farmer' denzil dsouza


  1. Hello,

    I would like to know if chilly flowers self-pollinate. As it has been very hot in the last month, the plant has been kept in the shade, so little pollinator activity there.


  2. chillies are highly cross pollinated...and pollination by hand is not generally done..
    there are plenty of small insects which u might not be able to see, but will appear when the flowers are slowly formed... even pollination here can be done by u dont have to worry... keeping the plant in shade is good, but it still requires min of 8 hours direct sunlight, or the plant will appear a bit weak, pale n long.;
    the sunlight is required for the plants to produce its own food by photosynthesis


  3. Some problem leaves that I removed from the chilly plant. No bugs or eggs on the underside.

    What is wrong with this now?

    O God, Pritham, everyday seems to be a battle :(

    Thanks for your continued patience

  4. YES ITS A BATTLE alright... the chilli pics is a classic case of mosaic virus n leaf curl....mosaic causes 60 percent loss in crops n is caused by aphids... u know what needs to be done...neem

    also mosaic can be transmitted by contact. at times, leaves show cream colored patches n turn yellow. for this only resistant varieties must be used...

    the curling of the leaves, is by white flies.... the answer...

  5. Hi there,

    I don't have any white fly infestation on the chilly plant - have been checking all plants daily. To be double sure, I placed a yellow sticky trap and there were hardly any white flies on it.

    Is it possible that something else might be causing the leaf curl?

    Attached are the pic links to my beans plant (long beans, normal variety). Some of the leaves are curling. I have inspected the underside of the curled leaves - no bugs at all and absolutely no white flies on this plant.

    Any ideas?

    Many thanks

  6. now u have me semi stumped... coz curling as i told u earlier is a classic case of virus... the fact that it has already started to curl means its already infected... no need to panic... there is nothing much u can do, except prevent further attacks... as the disease spreads from plant to plant with the earlier mentioned insects only...

    after this initial symptom, u will be mosaic appeared leaves, & channels.. which kinda look like some 16th century paintings... which is kinda cool... but not if u are a pod farmer..

    like i said.. i can send u some pics, of the cowpea runner beans pics that we have in the farm, the whole plant is like terminally ill, thanks to the mosaic virus, that however does not have any effect on quality of the fruit produced. in the long run it will only kill the plant quicker... so thats not good.

    also we spray the coprs with lots n lots of nutrients n so even though they are infected with the blasted virus, they look very healthy n robust n give excellent yield... run to ur local garden store n get liquid organic manures... n spray them along with the neem sprays.. trust me... it works very well..